What Today's Entrepreneur Looks Like

Being an entrepreneur once was like walking the road less traveled. Nowadays, being an entrepreneur is like using the main line of a bustling metropolitan transit system. After forty years as entrepreneurs, we are happy to see that entrepreneurship has gained such notoriety.

Before society became so entrepreneur-friendly, many entrepreneurs worked alone for years.

Those solo entrepreneurs may have succeeded, but many eventually recognized that there was strength in numbers — working together by sharing ideas, providing input and expertise, offering contacts and information when needed, and partnering to create new businesses. Today's entrepreneurial community serves as an energizing hub that brings together results already achieved and opportunities yet to come. As such, E Factor reflects the entrepreneurial movement and helps solidify the collaboration that can fuel entrepreneurial power to stimulate social benefits, economic wealth, and personal satisfaction for those of you with an idea and a passion to pursue.

As an entrepreneur, you are part of an exciting transition in the global environment. You are in position to shape the next decades of business. Although corporations are often floundering in this tough economic situation, you are actually seeing opportunities or may even be busier than ever. At the same time, however, you do see challenges and changes that are having an impact on what you could be doing. You might also be wondering how best to use the new tools at your disposal, like social media, social networking, mobile marketing, and mobile applications. And although you have your own set of rules and the passion to take chances and pursue your passions, you recognize the importance of considering the forces around you.

Although most people think they know how they look to outsiders, do you really understand how you compare to the entrepreneurs who came before you? Do you see yourself as the new model of entrepreneurship or do you share the same qualities as your predecessors? As this book will illustrate, no matter how innovative you are, you do share certain traits — drive, focus, creativity, discipline and passion — with those earlier entrepreneurs. You share most of the same qualities; however, that is not to say there are no differences. Like them, you are not afraid to bend the rules and think outside the box to achieve your goals. You are not burdened with the mindset of linear thinking. If there is a new way to create a product, interface with a client, or ship merchandise to market, you are among the first to embrace the concept just to see what happens. You have embraced technology and see the latest tools as the means to achieve your business dreams.

Thinking differently enables today's entrepreneurs to solve problems, develop ideas, and effectively use social media and networking to their advantage. If you ask some of the early entrepreneurs, they may even tell you that, thirty years ago, companies would have never believed they could communicate directly with their target consumers. Today's entrepreneur demands answers and will not accept the status quo. You thrive on the notion that there are no such things as problems — only challenges with solutions yet to be discovered. Does this sound like you?

The business world needs more like you. After all, it was entrepreneurs who brought consumers and business some of the best ideas we now often take for granted. Without the influential force of entrepreneurs like you, we would not have Facebook, Twitter, or E Factor; we would not be reading blogs; we would not have the iPhone or iPad; and we would not be buying all our merchandise on Amazon and then auctioning it off through eBay. That is why all of us need a better understanding of what defines entrepreneurship, how it is powered, and how it can be leveraged for even greater success for the business minds of today and those dreaming of joining the entrepreneurial ranks tomorrow.

In this introduction, you will learn more about what defines today's entrepreneur, including an overview of the trends and changes that we, as entrepreneurs ourselves, have seen over the last forty years. Your success will come from understanding how to combine the best traditional entrepreneurial thinking with the new tools, ideas, and channels now at your disposal. Before delving into the various tools and strategies, let's return to the roots of an entrepreneur to discover if an entrepreneur is born that way or if it's possible to become one.

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