All of these examples point to the diverse faces of the new generation of entrepreneurs. Today's entrepreneur is younger, faster, stronger, and more willing to take risks at a younger age. The idea that anyone at any age could be an entrepreneur was virtually unheard of thirty or forty years ago. Although some unique individuals ventured out on their own to start a business — a restaurant or local business — there were not global entrepreneurs or young upstarts forgoing the corporate world completely in favor of striking it rich or making a world of difference. Young people today are fearless and willing to take chances at an even younger age, encouraged by parents, friends, and mentors. They do not wonder if they can dream of being a star; television shows and other success stories of young people as entrepreneurs tell them that anything is possible.

This may have to do with the fact that they are more tuned in to the world around them thanks to technology. Those raised on a steady diet of Internet, media, and social networking have a very different perspective than those who did not have access to the same amount of information delivered regularly to them through their smartphones and laptops. The level and frequency of information has sped up time for young entrepreneurs, who are used to a world of instant answers and a dizzying array of products that cater to them. It is no wonder that they do not think anything is impossible when, every day, they see new things and new opportunities that engage and delight them.

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